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Shockwave Therapy
Courses & Workshops

Discover the technology and treatments
driving Canada's fastest-growing modality.

"Training excelled in providing us with guidelines for clinical 'real world' applications of the modality."

Miles Morgan, MScPT

Owner of Resolve Physio and Wellness

"..informative, organized, and answered all of our questions in a patient and professional manner."

Colleen Kelly-Sigouin. BScPT

Owner & Clinical Director at Bridlewood Medical and Eagleson Place Physiotherapy

Courses & Workshops

1/2 Day Workshop: Regular Price: $75

1 Day Course: Regular Price: $299   |   Early Bird Special: $250

+ taxes and fees

"Rosen was absolutely fantastic! It makes so much more sense now: how to maintain it, how to use it effectively for different injuries, the appropriate positioning of the head, number of shocks, intensity, etc."

Melina Kurtakis BHK, MPT, CAFCI

Clinic Director at Lifemark Richmond Olympic Oval


How it will improve your practice.

Shockwave Therapy is an innovative technology that can significantly benefit your practice as a physiotherapist or chiropractor. This non-invasive therapy offers effective treatment for calcifications, tendinopathies, and muscle pain, making it an excellent option for patients who have been struggling with these conditions.

One of the key advantages of Shockwave Therapy is its ability to break down adhesions, scar tissue, and calcifications, resulting in fast and lasting results. This therapy requires a limited number of appointments and short treatment time, allowing patients to return to their daily activities sooner.

Shockwave Delivers Enormous
Benefits for Clinic Owners

Attract New

More than ever before, the medical community is recognizing the benefits of shockwave as a fantastic alternative to surgery. Many clinics are growing their patient base through these referrals from medical clinics.

New Source
of Income

Offer a new billable service to patients & benefit from significant annual revenue. Shockwave treatments typically have their own fee schedule. The average clinic charges roughly $100 per treatment session.

Improve Patient

Patients will appreciate and trust the care they’re given when they experience the positive clinical outcomes of shockwave therapy firsthand. 


What's the difference between the course and the workshop?

Full day (7 hrs) Course

Gain a more complete understanding of Radial Shockwave with Shockwave Trainings new 1-day course.


Take advantage of our full-day course, which offers a unique opportunity for attendees to experience in-depth training on Radial Shockwave systems as both the therapist and the patient, with hands-on training provided by our National Trainer and Physiotherapist, Rosen Kolev! The opportunity to treat and be treated with Radial Shockwave systems will ensure you can sympathetically answer your patients most pressing questions about shockwave treatments. This hands-on training is unique to our Full Day course, and will give attendees a more complete understanding of treating with Radial Shockwave.

As in our half day workshop, we will also fully explore the language, science and clinical outcomes with Radial  Shockwave.  Our clinical trainer will offer a simple comparison of Radial and Focused technologies, outlining the unique differences that each provides for treating your patients. Additionally, we will conduct a thorough cost analysis of Radial Shockwave systems, providing you with a better understanding of the return on investment that comes with utilizing the BTL Shockwave systems


Click "Learn More" for a complete course outline.

Half day (3.5 hrs) Workshop

Discover the science and treatment recommendations of both Radial Shockwave and Focused Shockwave with Shockwave Trainings 3.5 hour workshop.  This workshop is designed to provide attendees with the theory behind Radial and Focused Shockwave, and how both fit into todays clinics.


Learn how Radial Shockwave and Focused Shockwave differ from each other, and how the technology works within the body. A comprehensive overview of the different types of Shockwave systems will explain the method of creating shockwaves, the benefits and drawbacks of each.  

Our BioMedical Engineer and Physiotherapist will explain the common terms to give attendees a better understanding of the language used when discussing Shockwave.

Comparing the two technologies can provide insights into which model is the most suitable for you and your patient, depending on the indication. Attendees will be able to participate in therapy demonstrations and have some hands-on time with the units. They will leave with a more complete understanding of the science and technology of Radial and Focused Shockwave Systems. 

Click "Learn More" for a complete workshop outline.

*For a more detailed and advanced course on Shockwave applications and indications, consider joining the full day course.

Virtual Training

Can't attend one of our live courses this year?
Consider attending our virtual course available and learn at your own pace.

Course & Workshop Instructor

Rosen Kolev PT M.SC.
Rosen is a licensed practitioner with extensive experience in orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation. He obtained a Masters degree in Physiotherapy in Bulgaria in 1994 and worked at the Regional Hospital in Dobrich until 2001. Rosen has also taught at the Physiotherapy Assistants program of the local Medical College. In 2002, he became a licensed practitioner in Canada, where he gained a deep understanding of the Canadian healthcare system while helping new graduates and international physiotherapists with their supervised practice and licensing procedure. Rosen currently owns and operates A Balanced Body Health Services in Kitchener, ON, which offers Shockwave Therapy and other services such as Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, and Manipulative Therapy.


Full Day - 7 hrs
Shockwave Course

- Detailed Outline -

Our new full-day Shockwave course will give you more of what every clinic has requested: more treatment protocols, more clinical direction and more hands-on time. The course, designed by our National Trainer, Physiotherapist and clinic owner Rosen Kolev is an in-depth and comprehensive look at Shockwave Systems that are currently available in Canada.  


Join Rosen for a comprehensive 7-hour session on Shockwave technology, covering everything from the history and background of the technology to hands-on experience of Shockwave treatments. Take a deep dive into the ins-and-outs of Radial Shockwave and gain practical knowledge by trying it out for yourself!

Topics Covered Include:

  • Shockwave 101

    • the basics and history of Shockwave in healthcare

  • What is a Shockwave?

    • Understanding the science behind creating Radial Shockwaves

  • Which one is best?

    • An evaluation of the differences between the different Radial Shockwave technologies

  • How to make the best treatment choices

    • Depth of penetration, frequency, energy level, and applicator selection

  • How does Shockwave work?

    • Understand the effects of Shockwave within the body, and how these effects relate to treatment recommendations

  • What patients will benefit?

    • An in-depth look at the contraindication

  • Is Shockwave profitable?

    • A complete look at the Return on Investment to ensure a wise financial decision for your clinic

  • When will they get better?

    • A patient-focused look at expectation management, and expected outcomes

  • How do I know how to treat?

    • Our clinical trainer will explain and demonstrate his personal treatment parameters for best patient flow and clinical outcomes.

  • Want to test it out?

    • The full day course will offer ample opportunity for you to test the Radial Shockwave and experience the treatments!

Half day - 3.5 hrs
Shockwave Workshop

- Detailed Outline -

Our 3.5-hour workshop will allow clinicians to learn the basics about Shockwave Therapy! This course is designed for those who would like to learn the basics Shockwave and its clinical applications. You will come away from the workshop with an understanding of the language used in Shockwave Therapy, and the differences between different brands and types of Shockwave Systems.  

The efficacy and treatment recommendations for both Radial and Focused Shockwave systems will be covered, including the recommended treatment parameters used by our National Trainer in his clinic.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The basics of Shockwave 

  • Science behind the Shockwave

  • Comparison of Radial and Focused Shockwaves

  • Treatment recommendations & efficacy

  • How Shockwave works in the body

  • Contraindications

  • Expected patient outcomes

  • Protocols and parameters for treating patients

  • Profitability and Shockwave in clinics


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